Who’s a writer?

Or: My definition of a writer

If you are the type of person who prefers to express through writing, either by writing stories, keeping a journal or blogging, you are a writer to my eyes. Hey, I am also a writer. I wouldn’t normally call myself that very easily, but since I began frequenting writer meetings, I have realized that being a writer is not something I should be ashamed to admit. Besides, it’s not like every writer has published a book. There’s always more than what meets the eye.

The thing most people fear is the connotation generally associated with writers. In Greece, calling yourself a writer is considered a bit pretentious. It’s almost taboo to admit you are one.

Things shouldn’t be so complicated.

To me, there are simply good writers and bad writers. Being successful has nothing to do with it. You can be a bad writer but have captured audiences worldwide, you might be a true artist yet no one has ever heard of you.

So, what makes a good writer?

It’s not about speed, it’s not about sales. You know that every word has power, you know you can either hurt feelings or alleviate someone’s heartache through words, either spoken or written. The characters you have created run rampant in your brain, taking liberties without your permission. You give them different voices because each one is unique. You might go with the spur of the moment, or you might be an extensive outliner. In either case, you feel happy and full of anticipation whenever you sit down and put words on paper. You painstakingly edit your work, adding or deleting things, no matter whether you are planning on publishing it or not. But above all, you keep practicing the craft, you face difficulties and emerge stronger.

You, my friend, are a writer.

Who is the bad guy here?

You tend to care more about the outcome than the process; the end result is more important to you than the journey. You might be suspicious of people who have negative comments on your work, while in fact they are just trying to help and support you. Worst of all, if you feel your book is not good, you just give up writing altogether, instead of investing more time and effort on this thing that you are supposed to love.

Not cool, brah.


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